Software rental

1. Definition of "Software rental" service

Neterra offers customers the opportunity of installing and using a variety of licensed software products in addition to the "Cloud server" and "Dedicated server" services.

The service is prepaid on a subscription basis, recurrent and with a reporting period of one month. The minimum period for subscribing to the service is one month.

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3. Service Parameters

3.1. Designation and version of the software (for example, Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard Edition, SQL Server 2012 R2 Enterprise Edition);

4. Terms of Service

4.1. As part of this service client receives the sole right to use the software product during the rental period.

4.2. The use of the software is subject to all general and specific conditions of the manufacturer regarding the product. These conditions can be found on the internet website of the software manufacturer.

4.3. All conditions concerning Microsoft software products can be found at the following address:

4.4. If the software product requires some form of activation (eg, entering a product key), this is done by Neterra.

4.5. The software product can be installed and used only on Cloud servers in the Neterra cloud platform or on physical servers located in some of the Neterra data centers.

4.6. Neterra must have secure administrative access to the Cloud or physical server of the Client.

4.7. At the reasoned request of Microsoft, the Client shall be obliged to disclose all relevant information related to the use of Microsoft software products.

4.8. As part of this service, Neterra bears no responsibility for the proper functioning of the software, nor for circumstances arising as a result of its use.

4.9. Neterra reserves the right to unilaterally change the price of the Software Rental service in the event of an increase in the price of the software provider (Microsoft or any other) after informing the Client of the change.

4.10. Neterra is entitled to terminate the provision of the service at any time if the customer does not comply with all the conditions of use of the software product.

5. Definition of availability

5.1. The service is considered to be running and available if the software is installed and activated successfully and the Client has no objections within 24 hours after installation.

5.2. The acceptance test is considered successful if the service is available after activation.

6. Activation and Support

6.1. Activation and maintenance of the service is performed by the technical department.

6.2. Maintenance of the service is carried out on the filing of a request by the Client on the web based control panel or by sending an email to itservices(at)

6.3. The Client can contact the Neterra IT Service Operation Centre (ITSOC). All-hours phone number: +359 (0) 700 42 300