IT Services - One time support

1. Service Definition

Neterra provides technical support on demand by highly qualified system administrators. This is an additional service to “Cloud server” and “Dedicated server”.

1.1. The service is prepaid on a subscription basis with one hour reporting period. The service is offered for a minimum period of one hour.

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3. Service Parameters

3.1. Duration - defines the service duration in hours (for each started hour).

4. Terms of Service

4.1. The service is provided only after a preliminary agreement between Neterra and the Client if there is a field specialist available. The Client could check the availability of those specialists by sending a request via the web-based control panel under services “Cloud server” and “Dedicated server.”

4.2. The service is offered during the business hours, which are defined from Monday through Friday, from 9 am to 5 pm. Official holidays and non-working days are considered non-working hours.

4.3. The service is provided after its purchase and following a support ticket sent via the web-based control panel under services “Cloud server” and “Dedicated server”. Actions that have to be performed by the specialist should be included in the ticket.

4.4. Neterra notifies the Client after each action is completed via the support system in the web-based control panel. Notifications include:

a) a description of each action;

b) explanation of what has caused the problem (if there was a problem and its causes could be identified technically) and recommendations for preventing further problems of this kind.

4.5. In case the access to the web based control panel is impossible, the Client could contact Neterra's Network Operating Center (NOC). NOC has a 24-hour line +359 2 974 3311 and a cell phone number +359 888 929966.