Dedicated server - Service description

1. Definition

Neterra provides an option to the Client to rent physical servers colocated in its Class 1 data centers for a certain period of time.

The service is prepaid on a subscription basis with one month reporting period. Typically the service is offered for a minimum period of one year, but if there are available servers they could be rented for a shorter period.

2. Parameters of the Service

2.1. „Processors“ - number and model of the processors in the dedicated server (Example: „2 x Xeon E5620“, „1 x Intel Xeon E5606“);

2.2. “Physical memory“ - size of the physical memory, available in the dedicated server, in gigabytes (Examples: „4GB“, „16GB“);

2.3. „Hard drives“ - number, size in gigabytes and type of the hard drives in the dedicated server (Examples: „2 x 500GB SATA“, „1 x 2000GB SAS“, „4 x 146GB SSD“);

2.4. “Hardware RAID controller” - if available, type of the hardware RAID controller in the dedicated server (Examples: „none“,„LSI MegaRAID SAS 9260-8i“);

2.5. “Dedicated Internet connectivity“ - international dedicated Internet connectivity of the server in Mbps (Examples: “10Mbps“, “50Mbps“);

2.6. “Internet connectivity to Bulgaria“ - Bulgarian peering of the server in Mbps (Examples: “10Mbps“, “50Mbps“);

2.7. “IPv4 addresses“ - number of the available IPv4 addresses (Examples: “1“, “4“);

2.8. “Other” - other hardware components (Examples: “2nd Power Supply Unit”).

3. Detailed Service Description

3.1. Service Delivery Point

Services are provided in all Neterra Class 1 data centers.

The definition of Neterra Class 1 data centers and the guaranteed conditions that those provide are described in the document “Neterra Data Center Classification”.

3.2. Terms of Service

3.2.1. By placing a service order, the Client agrees to the terms under this document and to the general terms for the provision of telecommunication services by Neterra.

3.2.2. For the period of dedication, Neterra is owns all the servers and they are colocated in its Class 1 data centers. The Client has full remote access to those servers, but does not have physical access to them.

3.2.3. Subject of the service is not the physical server unit but its hardware resources.

3.2.4. All servers meet the following requirements:

a) The servers are tested before service activation;

b) IPMI (Intelligent Platform Management Interface) controller is available, providing the Client remote low-level access to the system via a web browser or specialized software;

3.2.5. The service is provided within 10 business days after the Client has signed the contract.

3.2.6. As part of this service Neterra is not responsible for the proper functioning of the software installed by the Client on the dedicated server. Neterra has no access and has no responsibility for the integrity, confidentiality and accessibility of the information and data located on the dedicated servers.

3.2.7. When the server is configured automatically, a random Administrator (root) password is generated to access it. The password is visible in the web-based control panel. For higher security, Neterra recommends that the Client change this password directly on the server, so it is different from the auto-generated one.

3.2.8. The Client receives few usernames and passwords to access the server resources and the web-based control panel. The Client has full responsibility for preserving the usernames and passwords and for all circumstances arising from their use.

3.2.9. As part of this service Neterra has limited access to IPMI controller of the dedicated server. The access allows Neterra only to monitor the different hardware parameters and diagnose and prevent some of the possible hardware failures.

3.2.10. Neterra is not responsible for actions regarding additional user accounts created by the Client and assigned with management rights via the web-based control panel.

3.2.11. The data on the severs is fully provided by the Client. Neterra is responsible neither for this data nor for the circumstances arising from the data usage, nor for the circumstances arising from using the service by the Client or by third parties.

3.2.12. Access to the server will be suspended, if the Client does not pay the service fees in the agreed terms. If the Client does not renew the service in the next 14 days, the server and all data on it will be terminated. If Neterra has enough free resources, the data might be kept for a 30-day period before termination.

4. Other Services Included

When using “Dedicated Server”, the Client receives at no charge the following standard services by Neterra:

4.1. Two real static IP addresses - one for the server itself and another for the remote administration (IPMI) module.

4.2. Basic installation of Linux operating system. The Client has also an option to install an operating system remotely via the IPMI module.

5. Additional Services

5.1. Managed IT Services

Neterra provides to the Client a choice of one-time or on a subscription base Managed IT services.

6. Definition of Availability and Acceptance Test

6.1. The service is considered available and working if the server is technically operational and the related Internet connectivity services are available.

6.2. In any case, different than 6.1 the service is considered nonoperational and unavailable.

6.3. The acceptance test is successful if the service is fully available after the activation has finished.

7. Quality assurance

7.1. Quality assurance for the service could be found in the document “Service Level Agreement for Dedicated Server”.

7.2. Quality assurance for the Internet access services could be found in the document “Service Level Agreement for Internet Access and Data Transmission”.

8. Activation and Support

8.1. Service activation and support are performed by Technical Department.

8.2. The Client could receive assistance by sending a support ticket via the web-based control panel.

8.3. In case the access to the web-based control panel is not possible, the Client could contact Neterra's Network Operating Center (NOC). NOC has a 24-hour line +359 2 974 3311 and a cell phone number +359 888929966.