Use of cookies

What is a cookie and what are cookies used for?

Cookies are small files that a browser can record after visiting a website. These files are set on your computer (or any other device with which you visit a website) through your browser.

Which kind of cookies does store?

We may use a cookie to record previously established interests and preferences (via data submitted to us) so as to enhance the experience while using our site. Because the cookie is client-side, i.e. on your hard drive, your privacy is in no way compromised. does not store personal data in cookies and does not track your Internet activity.

Third party cookies use third party statistics system. This system may store on your device additional cookies which are not under control. If you want to know more about it please visit google website and read about their cookies policy.

What if you want to disable storing cookies on your devices?

You may deactivate cookies in your web browser configuration settings at any time. If you do so for, some part of the site functionality will not work for you.