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High-performance Cloud servers

Cloud servers are perfect for your business’ critical systems and applications.


Pay only for what you use and scale up on demand. No long-term contracts and commitment.

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Build your Cloud servers quickly and easily with the parameters you want.

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Save time with the pre-installed software.

High security

Cloudware is hosted in Sofia Data Center and uses Neterra’s network to provide high-speed and incredibly reliable redundant connection.

Exceptional reliability

We guarantee full service availability in a meticulous SLA.



High-speed connectivity

We guarantee high-speed and reliable access to Bulgarian and global internet space via Neterra’s network.

No initial investment

Start with а monthly fee. No need of an expensive equipment. No more operating costs for cooling, electricity and hardware maintenance. No contracts and long-term commitment.

Full control

Get full access to your server. Even more, get a full remote access via a IPMI controller with separate connectivity and separate IP address.

Free initial consultancy

Our highly qualified team is here for you. We provide a free-of-charge professional consultation and select the best and most effective solution.

Security and protection of your data

All dedicated servers are hosted in Sofia Data Center. All the temperature, humidity, dust, uninterrupted power supply, internet connectivity requirements are met.

High quality dedicated servers

All servers are built from high-quality components. All servers are stress-tested before being installed in the data center.

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Save time with the pre-installed software.



The latest Carrier-Neutral Data Center
Fully redundant Infrastructure
DDoS Protection larger than 1Tbps
Over 1500 direct peering partners
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We’ve been using Cloudware’s Cloud platform since 2013 and they have always provided us with a secure and reliable environment for our business. One of the greatest benefits of the platform is that it is highly scalable and can constantly change according to your needs. The process of adding extra resources is quick and user-friendly, conducted through an intuitive web-based panel.

We chose Cloudware as our partner because we can always count on their professionalism in configuring and maintaining the optimal environment for Ciela.

Hristo Filipov, Technical Director


Over the years that we’ve been clients of Cloudware, we have convinced ourselves numerous times of the flexibility of their services. The team has repeatedly assisted us in many critical situations for free.

Due to the scalability and security of their systems, the timely support, and the professional, yet friendly attitude, we managed to repeatedly increase our capacity, while ensuring 99,9% availability of our services to our clients. That’s how we continue to grow, meeting expectations from both customers and businesses.

Miroslav Ivanov, Manager


It is of vital importance that we maintain a reliable and uninterrupted performance at Zora’s online store during promotional campaigns. As a result, thanks to our partnership with Cloudware and their adequate and timely responsiveness, we managed to successfully implement online campaigns and attract more satisfied customers. We are impressed by Cloudware’s highly-qualified technical staff and their 24/7 IT support.

Stanislava Marinova, IT Manager


Neterra’s Cloud Hosting allowed us to scale our resources according to our needs - essentially, this scaling was easy with the increase of our usage. It is vital for our website to have a good performance, which depends both on the specific implementation of the site and on the server technology. And at this stage of our development, we believe that moving to cloud hosting from Neterra was a wise decision.

As time passed, our business expanded and we switched to a Dedicated Server at the Neterra’s Data Center. At the same time, their team also provided us with their whole server administration, where the support was much more comprehensive compare to collocation.

Darin Madjarov, Manager


After researching different companies, we decided to go with Cloudware as they were known as “the best start-up business for 2012” (Forbes E-volution Awards). With Neterra’s support, an established brand with traditions in the industry, Cloudware was able to not only cover our expectations but also exceed them.

As soon as we sent them a request, they provided us with a free consultation and a free trial to test the platform. We are extremely impressed by the high professionalism of the team, consisting of qualified technicians.

Nikola Ganin, Rovotel Steel Ltd.


We have been in the online business for a long time and we strive to maintain high quality services. Our customers require it and expect us to be perfect in every way. To ensure this quality, we decided to trust Cloudware and its services. When choosing hardware, Cloudware only uses brands that are proven on the market. The servers they operate with are built of high-quality components and tested before use.

The “24/7 Monitoring service” which they provide enables early diagnostics and assistance in troubleshooting software and hardware issues. We are happy to have selected Cloudware as our partner.

The services they offer helped us improve our productivity and reduce costs.

Plamen Boev, Manager


We started with a single server machine and we used it for maintenance and provision of an uninterrupted work environment. Later on, we added a software for rent to the server. We also use other services from the company with which we’re very pleased. The Cloudware team has helped us numerous times: they have assisted us completely free of charge in many situations related to system and application issues. The team has also provided us with support throughout the whole day without this being included in the agreement.

Dear Cloudware, keep on maintaining the same high level of quality and never lose your brand trustworthiness! This is all you need for a successful journey ahead!




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